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How HumanBace Works?

Create an accountGetting started is as easy as a few clicks.
Buy/sell any timeOur exchange is highly liquid: your orders will be filled instantly.
Earn RewardsInvite a friend to get get a random person token worth $5.

Buy low, sell high

You know how to do it. Buy when you think the person is undervalued. Choose from hundreds of people: well-known superstars and rising talents
Invest with cryptoMost popular coins are supported, including stable coins: USDT, BTC, ETH, BCH and more
Sector FundsInvest once and get exposed to hundreds of people representing a certain profession or industry.

Invest In What
You Understand

Our world is built by people. We interact with hundreds of humans every day: we see them on TV, follow them on Instagram, talk to them. We know the lives of some celebrities better than our own. Yet we still continue to invest in soulless companies we hardly know anything about.
Plenty of information... to make investment decisions. Social media, newspapers, TV — you'll find a lot of data to confirm your buy or sell decision.
This is the mist corrupt election in our lifetime. Where is the DOJ and AG? #hashtag

Thousands of people

Politicians, comedians, media personalities, TikTokers, influencers — you name it. Don’t see a person you want to buy in? Let us know, and we’ll get them listed within a day.
and more...

Build a portfolio of people you believe in

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Safeguarding your funds is our biggest priority
Intuitive Experience
HumanBace was built to make it easy and safe to trade people you respect. Get started in minutes
Advanced Security
We take a comprehensive approach in protecting our users including cold storage and regular third-party audits
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We offer global extensive support to ensure all concerns are addressed in a timely manner